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    Dubai (DXB)
    to Surabaya (SUB)
    Round trip
    18/11/2018 - 06/12/2018
    Book & Compare Flights to Surabaya (SUB) from AED 2,195

    Interesting facts about Surabaya

    The second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is the gateway to Mount Bromo. Situated on north-eastern Java island, Surabaya is famed for its delicious local food, with great restaurants and impressive scenery surrounding the city walls. Book your flights to Surabaya with Cathay Pacific and enjoy a comfortable flight with excellent service and in-flight entertainment.

    Things to do in Surabaya

    Start your visit at the Surabaya monument, an emblem of the two Sanskrit words sura, meaning whale, and baya, meaning crocodile. Surabuya has plenty of activities to explore, including the Persebaya football club, which has a capacity of 50,000 – football being a much-loved sport amongst the locals. The city is the gateway to the active volcano Mount Bromo, at 2,329 metres in elevation, and a popular daytime excursion. Close to the volcano, explore the holiday town of Malang.

    Travel tips in Surabaya

    With plenty of traffic, getting around can take time. Taxis are the easiest way to cross the city. To get around like a local, take a public bus or minibus, though these can get crowded. However you get around the city, arrive in style when you fly to Surabaya with Cathay Pacific today.

    Weather in Surabaya

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    28 °CTuesday13/11/2018
    30 °CWednesday14/11/2018
    32 °CThursday15/11/2018
    29 °CFriday16/11/2018
    31 °CSaturday17/11/2018
    29 °CSunday18/11/2018
    29 °CMonday19/11/2018