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    Brussels (BRU)
    to Chongqing (CKG)
    Round trip
    20/10/2019 - 04/11/2019
    Book & Compare Flights to Chongqing (CKG) from EUR 590

    Interesting facts about Chongqing

    Known as one of China’s ‘Three Furnaces’, Chongqing is famous for its hot weather and spicy hot pot. It’s also the starting point for many cruises along the scenic Yangtze River. When booking flights to Chongqing, choose Cathay Dragon, Asia’s premium regional airline, and enjoy a comfortable and sophisticated journey.

    Discover the best of Chongqing

    A former Chinese capital, Chongqing boasts numerous historical and cultural sites. Learn more about the area’s war-related past at the old military headquarters of Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-Shek) and the former prison of Zha Zi Dong. Experience political history at the old residence of Zhou Enlai and Red Rock Village Museum (Hong Yan Cun). Stroll through the quaint reconstruction of old Chongqing at Hongyadong, admire the Great Hall of the People and visit the nearby Three Gorges Museum, and journey back in time at Ciqikou. For ultimate relaxation, enjoy the sweeping vistas from Shengdeng Mountain, take a scenic evening boat ride, and soothe your muscles in the area’s hot springs.

    Chongqing transport

    The air-conditioned monorail and subway networks make exploring the city a breeze. Local buses are an inexpensive transportation option. Taxis are plentiful and also relatively cheap. Book your flight to Chongqing with Cathay Dragon today.

    Weather in Chongqing

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    15 °CThursday15/11/2018
    15 °CFriday16/11/2018
    12 °CSaturday17/11/2018
    10 °CSunday18/11/2018
    12 °CMonday19/11/2018
    12 °CTuesday20/11/2018
    13 °CWednesday21/11/2018